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Premier de mes deux papiers pour Politico ce week-end :

At home, he’s sometimes considered a bit of a liability — prone to speaking his mind too freely, a lightning rod for conservatives, subject to, ahem, personal controversies and clashes with the press.

But abroad, former President Bill Clinton is a rock star — the brand name for happier U.S. engagement with the world. And he could be one of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s chief assets if she becomes secretary of state.

“The Clinton brand is a good one,” said Dana Allin, an expert on trans-Atlantic affairs at the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies. “Her husband’s administration is remembered fondly, maybe even more fondly in retrospect, after eight years of Bush.”

“Bill is a popular guy in Europe,” said Constanze Stelzenmueller, director of the German Marshall Fund’s Berlin office. “He is very touchy-feely, and on a more serious note, he is educated, and Europe felt taken seriously and understood” during his administration. The hope is that “some of that might rub off on his wife.”

President-elect Obama is expected to announce his national security team after Thanksgiving, and Hillary Clinton is the odds-on favorite for secretary of state. Clinton’s selection came after her husband agreed to provide extensive financial disclosures to Obama’s transition team and to ensure that his future activities overseas would not conflict, politically or financially, with his wife’s role as the nation’s top diplomat.

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So! Last week was a busy one! As well as getting three articles in French Weekly Le nouvel observateur, I got my first own pretty byline down here at Politico and I am mighty proud:

Three months after wildly enthusiastic crowds greeted Barack Obama on his whirlwind visit to England, Germany and France, the Democratic presidential candidate remains the overwhelming favorite among Europeans who crave new leadership in their America ally.

A worldwide poll published last week by the Canadian newspaper La Presse asked citizens in eight countries, including five in Europe, who they would choose in November’s U.S. presidential contest if they could vote. Obama trounced Republican John McCain, polling 83 percent in Switzerland and sailing to over 60 percent support in France, Great Britain and Belgium.

“He is an image of America the world can understand,” said Nicholas Dungan, president of the New York-based French-American Foundation, which aims to strengthen ties between the close, if occasionally testy allies. “He is about hope, he is a global character, he is young and charismatic, and the fact is, he has emphasized that he wants to work with others.”

While the La Presse poll confirmed “a sound denunciation of the George W. Bush presidency and of American policies,” the newspaper reported, it also found widespread admiration for Obama, who many Europeans view as a symbol of the American dream.

But some political analysts said they feared Europeans were so awed by the Obama package — young, black, eloquent, and worldly — that they were ignoring the fine print.

“Barack Obama may be a citizen of the world, but he would be president of the United States,” Dungan warned.

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This not the first byline of this great internship I’ve also written

– About why debates are so watched in Baltimore

– Three « tale of the tape », one for each debate (and by that I mean the 2nd and 3rd presidential debate + the VP debate. if you want the tale of the first one, it’s here, written by Avi Zenilman)

– About who could be the next HHS secretary

– And how McCain had ties to some sketchy extreme right organization

Plus I did research for that fun piece by Daniel Libit on how the word « fundamental » is way over used