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Deuxieme papier, sur les petits college students malins qui comptent louer leur chambre pendant le week end de l’inauguration d’Obama

Got a ticket to the Inauguration but nowhere to stay? Your only hope may be local college students.

But don’t think you’ll get off cheap. Washington’s college students appear to be dedicated young capitalists: The going rates for student apartments popping up on Facebook and Craigslist range from $500 to $1,800 a night during Inauguration weekend. And some even require a minimum stay.

As the inaugural frenzy grows, universities in and around Washington have already started preparing for the influx of non-students who intend to live on campus for a few days in January. Most have strict rules about subletting, which amount to: “Don’t.” Students are not allowed to sublease their room, for any reason.

That does not mean they won’t break that rule — and some colleges, aware of the temptation, have sent warnings. Students at The George Washington University received an email recently that reminded them, in bold letters and even bigger font than usual, that “they are not permitted to sublease or rent their space per the terms of the Undergraduate Housing License Agreement.”

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